LinuxCNC 2.5.3 is released!

24 Jul 2013 23:06 #36995 by cradek
No config changes are required when upgrading from 2.5.x to 2.5.3.

For the typical installation, the update manager will automatically offer you this upgrade. Otherwise, you can get the packages from

Many thanks to the people who have reported bugs, and especially to the folks who worked to improve LinuxCNC for this release:

Andy Pugh
Chris Morley
Chris Radek
Dewey Garrett
Erkka Koski
Francis Tisserant
Janos Bujtar
Jeff Epler
John Kasunich
John Thornton
Jon Elson
K.T. Chan
Kim Kirwan
Matt Shaver
Michael Geszkiewicz
Michael Haberler
Peter Blodow
Sebastian Kuzminsky

Here are the changes:

* AXIS: fix disable/enable of the toolbar's reload button
* BUILD: fix linking on 32 bit x86 debian 7.1
* Configs: use names= everywhere to make the sim configs clearer
* Docs: Many improvements
* HAL: clarkeinv: allow rotation of the input vector
* HAL: sim_pin: add support for u32, s32, float types
* HAL: abs_s32: don't unnecessarily require floating point
* HAL: comp: fix option userinit
* HAL: comp: improve handling of build failures and error reporting
* HAL: twopass: improve error reporting
* Hostmot2: fix smart serial port shutdown
* Interpreter: Fix bug 315 part 2, O-call through named parameter
* Kins: replace 5axiskins.c, used by a sample config
* Kins: 5axiskins: remove misleading tool-length pin
* Motion: allow for floating point in the base thread
* PPMC: add encoder timestamp velocity estimation
* PPMC: selectable encoder filter clock
* PyVCP: fix several behaviors in the dial widget
* Task: fix MDI-queueing problems
* USC: new sample config for Pico USC with encoders
* linuxcncrsh: many stability fixes
* pncconf: fix 5i25 GPIO numbering
* pncconf: fix default PDM rate
* pncconf: fix open loop test
* pncconf: fix incorrect zh_CN translation which broke millimeter mode
The following user(s) said Thank You: BigJohnT, andypugh, beerthai, toplakd, captain chaos, joekline9, blacksmith99, bottleworks

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