LinuxCNC 2.6.1 Released

05 Aug 2014 23:31 #49532 by BigJohnT
A bug fix release by Seb

Hi again folks, I just released LinuxCNC 2.6.1. This one fixes a
show-stopper bug in stepconf that prevented it from running correctly on
Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Precise. If you tried to configure a new
machine with stepconf and it didn't work right, try again with 2.6.1.

Many thanks to Eric Agis-Garcin and Gleap Site for reporting the bug,
and to Chris Morley and Jeff Epler for fixing it.

Other notable changes since 2.6.0:

* Fix a bug in Touchy when no macros are defined.
* Change the sim/axis/axis.ini sample config so the splash screen runs
without re-zeroing G54.
* Minor docs improvements.

Thanks to the people who contributed code to this release:

* Chris Radek
* Chris Morley
* Jeff Epler
* John Thornton

-- Sebastian Kuzminsky

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