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08 Jan 2015 21:05 - 08 Jan 2015 21:06 #54768 by BigJohnT
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Seb announced on the mailing list the pre-release of 2.7. Not mentioned in his announcement is the moveoff feature which is quite exciting to finally have. Documentation for moveoff is here:

Greetings LinuxCNC people, I bring you glad tidings!

One of the things we did at the recent Hackfest in Houston was creating
the 2.7 branch. We will test and stabilize the code in this branch, and
when the time is right we will release 2.7.0. I'm hopeful that the time
until 2.7.0 is released is on the order of a handful of months.

The headline features in 2.7 are:

* A new high-speed trajectory planned (written by Rob Ellenberg)
* Support for the RT-Preempt realtime kernel (written by Jeff Epler)

In addition to the new RT-Preempt support, LinuxCNC 2.7 will run on RTAI
and the vanilla Linux kernel just like 2.6 and earlier versions do.

We are currently targeting the same set of Linux distributions for 2.7
as we did for 2.6: Ubuntu Lucid, Ubuntu Precise, and Debian Wheezy. The
final set of supported distros may change as we get closer to release.

This new branch does not mean that 2.6 will go away. I will keep
maintaining the 2.6 branch and making releases as needed. Your CNC
machines running LinuxCNC 2.6 will stay supported with bug fixes for a
good long while still.

So, you're asking, how can I help? I'm glad you asked! You can run the
2.7 pre-releases and submit bug reports! There are probably some rough
edges and possibly lurking bugs that we'd like your help in finding
before we release 2.7.0. You've been warned!

The install instructions leave a lot to be desired at the moment, but it
goes like this:

* Install LinuxCNC 2.6, for example using the instructions here:

* Upgrade to LinuxCNC 2.7 by picking an apt source line from here:

Happy upgrading! Let us know how it works for you.

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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