LinuxCNC 2.6.9 Released

11 Aug 2015 23:02 - 11 Aug 2015 23:04 #61297 by BigJohnT

Good morning folks, a new bugfix release of LinuxCNC is available:
2.6.9. All users of 2.6 are encouraged to upgrade.

Highlights in this release are:

* improved docs
* touchy: Fix Set Tool/Origin defaults on lathes
* gmoccapy: several improvements
* vismach: work around a bug in mesa
* interp: fix the mdi/oword/queuebuster bug Andy found
* io: initialize the tool-in-spindle info correctly

My thanks to everyone who reported bugs and helped each other on the
forums, mailing lists, and IRC, and especially to the people who worked
on the code & docs for this release:

Andy Pugh
Chris Radek
Jeff Epler
John Thornton
Moses McKnight
Norbert Schechner

Sebastian Kuzminsky

The 2.6 changelog .
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