LinuxCNC 2.6.12 Released

27 Jan 2016 14:02 #69156 by BigJohnT

LinuxCNC 2.6.12 has been released. This release fixes a couple of
relatively obscure bugs. All 2.6 users are encouraged to upgrade.

Credit for this release goes to all the folks who have reported bugs
in our code and documentation, and especially to the people who have
committed bugfixes and improvements:

* Bernhard M. Wiedemann
* Chris Morley
* Chris Radek
* Dewey Garrett
* Jeff Epler
* John Morris
* John Thornton
* Michael Geszkiewicz
* Norbert Schechner
* Salvatore Balestrino
* Sebastian Kuzminsky

Here's the full changelog:

* docs: add more github info to Contributing to LinuxCNC
* docs: improve G43.1 info
* docs: acknowledge Debian and UBUNTU trademarks
* docs: fix incorrect GladeVCP example syntax and typo
* docs: fix manpage markup bug in rtapi_app_{main,exit}.3rtapi
* docs: gladevcp - describe the new iconview signal "sensitive"
* docs: restore line numbers in example G-code
* docs: clarify some pins in the halui manpage
* docs: fix M70-M73 links in French Gcode Quick Reference
* docs: fix link to the giteveryday(1) manpage
* docs: describe gmoccapy Show Aux Display feature
* docs: document gmoccapy updates and deleted some pin

* mini.tcl: remove duplicate geo mgmt of widget
* keystick: fix signal handler a second time
* gladevcp: iconview could create exception in some circumstances
* gmoccapy: stay syncronized with iconview widget button states
* gladevcp/offset_widget: fix rare error of non-existant var file
* gscreen: fix industrial skin's A axis DRO readout
* tool diameter sorting fix
* halui: fix some jogging bugs
* halui: fix a copy-paste error that could prevent homing
* serport: fix pin-1-in-not

* task: fix start-from-line and remap interaction
* interp: it's nonsense to take a boost::cref(this)
* emcmodule: fix argument parsing
* rtapi/sim: better error reporting
* rtapi: error messages are better than errno numbers
* hal: don't segfault if rtapi_init() fails
* realtime script: wait for rtapi_app to die when stopping realtime

* halui/jogging test: change which joint is selected while jogging
* tests: test homing in halui/jogging
* tests: add a motion-logger test of a remap bug
* packaging: use "set -e" to fail on error in the postinst script
* buildbot: dont try to build on Jessie RTAI
* build: verify links in the gcode Quick Reference (English & French)

Sebastian Kuzminsky


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