LinuxCNC 2.7.4 Released

08 Feb 2016 16:31 - 09 Feb 2016 11:18 #69772 by BigJohnT
I'm pleased to announce the release of 2.7.4. There were many improvements and some rather important ones if you use a 7i77 with sserial.

* docs: update hm2_eth manpage with supported boards
* docs: fix hostmot2 manpage markup
* docs: update gs2 vfd docs with new command-line args
* docs: update pyvcp docs (labels, leds, buttons)
* docs: improve info on installing preempt-rt kernel
* docs: add warning about entering a root password during install
* docs: improve contributing intructions
* docs: add a bit more info on ngcgui
* docs: update max AIO from 16 to 64 in motion manpage
* docs: update homing diagram (dxf and image)
* docs: clarify homing variable names
* docs: add missing keyboard short cuts to Axis documentation
* docs: clarify what "option userspace yes" means to halcompile
* docs: add info about min and max soft limits
* docs: add mb2hal manpage and documentation
* docs: add a link to the github bug tracker
* docs: github is more official now
* docs: fix a broken links
* docs: fix a couple of places to note nine axes or planes supported
* docs: add info on how to stop the Axis GUI "do you really want to quit" dialog
* docs: add info about examples of logging from G-code
* docs: make example code easier to cut and paste
* docs: fix descriptions for G43.1 and G43.2
* docs: acknowledge Debian and UBUNTU trademarks
* docs: fix incorrect example syntax and typo
* docs: fix manpage markup bug in rtapi_app_{main,exit}.3rtapi
* docs: describe the new gladevcp iconview signal "sensitive"
* docs: add info about the rs274 stand alone interperter
* docs: fix level offset in pdf docs
* docs: remove jessie rt-preempt kernel instructions
* docs: use a longer GPG keyy fingerprint
* docs: minor fixed in gmoccapy docs
* docs: restore line numbers in example G-code
* docs: update install instructions for glade

* Axis GUI: add missing keyboard short cuts to help quick reference
* gmoccapy: fix dangerous bug in jogging with keyboard
* gmoccapy: deleted alarm entry and added new settings for combi_dro
* gmoccapy: small bug fix in hal jogging and fixed a typo
* gmoccapy: stay syncronized with iconview widget button states
* gscreen: fix industrial skin's A axis DTO readout
* Mini GUI: remove duplicate geo mgmt of widget
* keystick UI: fix signal handler a second time
* gladevcp: fix hal_dial for wheezy
* gladevcp: hide error message from hal_lightbutton
* gladevcp: iconview could create exception in some circumstances
* gladevcp: offset_widget: fix rare error of non-existant var file

* add gantry.comp from Charles Steinkuehler
* xhc-hb04: fix negative jogs on non-x86 architectures
* hostmot2: improved sserial error handling (don't crash)
* hy-vfd: set spindle_at_speed correctly when spindle is running reverse
* serport: fix pin-1-in-not
* sim_parport: fix pin names of inverted input

* stepconf: fix error when using inverted pins on sim config
* pncconf: fix spindle setting controls not showing sometimes
* pncconf: fix setting or PID maxerror on servo configs
* sample configs: make sim/canterp.ini runnable
* sample configs: connect the orient mode pin to allow rotation direction to be controlled in the VMC Vismach model

* emcmodule: Fix incorrect memory access by PyArg_ParseTuple and add better checks for string arguments
* interp: fix two error message typos that would lead a user astray
* support RTAI 5
* better error reporting in rtapi/sim

* realtime script: wait for the last rtapi_app to die when stopping realtime
* tests: verify that the exported realtime math functions exist
* build: remove unsupported docs/src/Makefile
* build: build-depend on docbook-xsl, instead of using the network at build-time
* packaging: include udev rule file for ShuttleXpress USB jog pendant
* packaging: gmoccapy depends on gstreamer0.10-plugins-base
* packaging: use "set -e" to fail on error in the postinst script
* remove stray execute permissions


LinuxCNC 2.7.4 has been released.

This release fixes bugs all over: in hm2 sserial, GUIs, xhc-hb04,
hy-vfd, stepconf & pncconf, and in the docs. 2.7.4 adds support for RTAI
5.0, though we have no debian packages yet, sorry. It also adds a
component to help drive some kinds of gantry machines (named "gantry.comp").

All 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade.

My thanks go to all the people who have helped out on the forums,
mailing lists, and IRC, to the poeple who brought this round of bugs to
our attention, and especially to the developers who have committed
bugfixes and improvements:

* Andy Pugh
* Brian Hicks
* Charles Steinkuehler
* Chris Morley
* Chris Radek
* Dewey Garrett
* Jeff Epler
* John Thornton
* Michael Geszkiewicz
* Moses McKnight
* Norbert Schechner
* Sebastian Kuzminsky

The full changelog is in the blog:

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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