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01 Oct 2011 15:56 #13584 by ArcEye

If it was left up to the core developers there would not even be a forum

That does not surprise me, but it is very short sighted.

This forum has taken off and has supported a lot of people in getting their machines running, who otherwise would not be using EMC.
Its success can be measured by how few people now use the cnczone/emc forum

Without it, a lot would just shake their heads and go and buy Mach, because it is easier.
Not as powerful, not as flexible, not as configurable ( and could not cut threads worth shit on a lathe, no matter how many times they tried to say it could, when I tried it) but easier, with pretty interfaces.

So keep up the good work and lets hope a solution to the searching issue is found


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01 Oct 2011 17:44 #13586 by BigJohnT
I've not been on the zone since I twisted enough arms to get this forum turned on. I'm quite surprised how many members we have and how many are helping each other.

I'm equally surprised at the low number of trouble makers we attract. Only one seems to be a bit persistent...

Coming from a winblows world the only thing familiar to that bunch is a forum so I feel the transition is much easier having the forum. Even though Ubuntu is quite painless to install with the LiveCD and quite intuitive for a winsnows user I think the thought of Linux scares a lot of windoze users.


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