problems of rebuilding EMC

08 Jan 2010 01:34 #1471 by vincent
recently I had rebuilt the EMC, but I found the "Application->CNC" had gone.(so it was according to the wiki) And it told me to run . ./scripts/emc-environment then emc, to got it run. So it worked. But one thing seemed to be different is that I didn't know how to run the "config wizard" anymore. No menu no icon is a tough work to operate EMC for me. So will anyone be kind to tell me how to run the wizard to initialize the EMC??

And right, I got the problem too->>>>'cause I cannot run the wizard, some errors occured when I run EMC like this:"Unexpected realtime delay: check dmesg for details." Then I followed this command, I got this message:

[ 2075.602081]
[ 2081.855531] RTAPI: ERROR: Unexpected realtime delay on task 1
[ 2081.855536] This Message will only display once per session.
[ 2081.855538] Run the Latency Test and resolve before continuing.
[ 2082.660685] RTAI[math]: unloaded.
[ 2082.677066] SCHED releases registered named ALIEN RTGLBH
[ 2082.692450] RTAI[malloc]: unloaded.
[ 2082.792060] RTAI[sched]: unloaded (forced hard/soft/hard transitions: traps 0, syscalls 0).
[ 2082.795672] I-pipe: Domain RTAI unregistered.
[ 2082.795681] RTAI[hal]: unmounted.

I thought it was due to the RTAI kernel, but the wiki did not told anything about this issue.

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