latency-test freezes computer after startup

14 Feb 2010 13:30 #1892 by helig
Hi everybody. I'm a complete newbie here and I have a very basic question. Maybe somebody can give me a hint what I did do wrong or what document I missed to read in advance.

Summary: using the live CD and before having configured anything I try to execute a latency-test on a machine without onboard parport and machine "freezes" immediately - needs reboot.

In detail:

I got me a download of the live CD as of January 2010. I was able to run this on some old Pentium 3 machines but initially found that latency-test found very bad latency values. This fact -of course- did not change after I easily managed to install EMC2 from the live CD on one of these machines. So far nothing to really be scared about ;-)

Before starting to search for improvements on the old machines I booted the live CD on two different newer computers with "modern" AMD X2 Hardware but no onboard parallel port - just for sake of checking the latency-values. I do not have an Intel one for cross-check.

I observed that always the live-Ubuntu seemed to work fine but when I started the latency-test, no matter from the GUI-menu or from the command shell my machine "froze" i.e. I it did not react on keyboard and mouse actions any more and I had to power down to restart. The same problem occured when I started EMC2 from the menu and pushed ok after chosing some random sample config.

So I suspected EMC2 generally shows unpredictable (?) behaviour when no Parport was found. But when I plugged a PCI Parport into my AMD X2/MSI K9 digital Neo machine nothing changed.

I have hot seen any anomalities in any the ubuntu logfiles besides some sound related stuff.

The parport is seen as ppdev user-space parallel port driver in the syslog.

lspci -v says:

03:03.0 Communication controller: NetMos Technology PCI 1 port parallel adapter (rev 01)
Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic Unknown device 0010
Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 10
I/O ports at e800
I/O ports at e400
I/O ports at e000
I/O ports at d800
I/O ports at d400
I/O ports at d000

Any ideas? Suggestions welcome!

Best regards, Volker

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