I/O error 5 during installation

15 Apr 2010 02:35 #2612 by eljainc
I was having a problem when installing the SHERLINE.ISO for the lathe/mill which is based on the EMC2.
I kept getting I/O error 5, and the nature of the error stated that there was either a problem with the hard drive,
the boot CD or the CD drive itself.

I troubleshooted all three of these: changed the hard drive, re-burned the CD, cleaned the CD drive, even
changed the RAM.

The solution was actually to redownload the .ISO image. I burned using Nero at the slowest speed. Turns out it
was the .ISO download itself that was bad.

I wanted other users to know this so they down spend so much time troubleshooting an EMC2 install from CD.

I hope to have a good test of EMC2 tomorrow.

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