educational network to connect to linuxcnc

29 Jul 2009 06:27 #647 by vincent
hi, i am new fact i have successfully installed emc2 with a CD burnt. but i wonder how to install emc2 with **.sh.

i have uninstalled emc2, and follow the instruction about the installation.->to run **.sh in the terminal, then the terminal is trying to connect to and fetch a key~~then i wait ....the terminal shows that it cannot connect to linuxcnc. so i think it fail to fetch the key, then so does the emc2 fail to install~~? maybe that failure is due to the update sources?? i have configured my sources.list. in China we have many sources in camp for educational network~~but, when i update apt-get, whatever sources i use,it failed to connect to linuxcnc~~~OMG~

can anyone show me how ~??

at least show me how to install emc2 with this **.sh~! thx!

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18 Aug 2009 02:00 #720 by BMG
You will need a public key on your machine. That is why you are getting that message.

If you already havenn't looked at the Wiki, start here

Also, log onto the IRC channel. if you go to the website, there is a link to a java client you can use or directions there to use your favorite IRC client.



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