Widescreen-Touch User Interface Proposal by BrendaEM

31 Aug 2019 18:14 #143740 by cmorley
qtvcp is infrastructure for building and running a VCP panel or screen in linuxcnc.
It has several 'demo' screens and VCP panels that are built in. The VCP panels (cam_align and sim_panel) can be embedded into other screens or used standalone.

It has a collection of prebuilt widgets and libraries tailored for CNC control and it has a python handler file for extending capabilities without needing to touch 'core' programs. This is very similar to gladeVCP's handler files. It is relatively new code so rough spots will definitely be found.

the 'Blender' demo screen can be run in a sim config from linuxcnc's selection dialog. Blender is a demo that built with the spirit of Brenda's screen - similar look general layout. It currently is a single paged screen with just enough controls to run a basic machine. It has typical bugs of new screens - the layout moves a bit when the DRO changes length, some of the buttons don't do anything, there are image files to make such as tool icons. If you want to more closely follow Brenda's design and/or add more desirable features then placement of widgets is required and possible some code added to tailor then to exactly what you want.
In a word - time

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