Using IKFast to generate kinematics modules

16 Jan 2020 09:12 #155002 by ross_dev
Thanks Frank, that's incredible. Not only uploading the VM but the instructions too ... I owe you a beer or three. Sounds like you have put a lot of heart and soul into the project, I am very interested to see it in action.

As an aside, I am curious if you know why official openrave doesn't support other languages? There seems to be an option in to specify an output language, but as far as I can tell from a brief scan of the code it will error out if you put anything but "cpp". Did they ever approach you about incorporating your c generator module?

Anyways, thanks again, you have helped me enormously.

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16 Jan 2020 10:02 #155007 by ftkalcevic
I'm not sure why there aren't other languages. I only see openrave used standalone or as part of ROS, so maybe there isn't much interest.

Good luck with your project. I'd love to hear how you go and any improvements you make. Let me know if you have any questions; I'm subscribed to this thread so I should see posts.

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