custom m codes and bar puller set up

26 Jan 2023 20:48 - 26 Jan 2023 20:51 #262959 by Becksvill
hey everyone

when setting up my cnc lathe bar puller i noticed that there wasn't much info on setting custom m codes connected to ladder in linuxcnc

so just making a post here about it to help the next guy

there are several bits you need to set up

and i will just add screen shots from my machine as i am typing on the lathe now.
first up is the config folder file

i think that is matters that the ngc file is lower case and the ini file setting options are uppercase.  just copy exactly and it works


then the ini settings file with relevant stuff highlighted


this is the line of code you need to add to connect the motion g code output pin to classicladder

net chuck-auto-clamp
the "chuck=auto-clamp" is just a signal name and doesn't matter it could be called "your-sensor-name"

and this is what the ladder logic looks like.  just a note to make, this ladder logic is not very good and don't bother copying it lol
i am just trying to show the connections required to make this work in the ini file and in the hal file.


this bit below is pretty important.  if you don't set this then it just won't work and you will have no idea why

you need to set the file permissions for the g code files


and finally the gcode file itself

make sure the bit inside quote marks "o<m400> sub"  and "o<m400> endsub" is exactly copied in the file


hopefully this helps someone

i am going to try run a production job today bar pulling and will add to this thread and hopefully show how powerful linuxcnc is

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27 Jan 2023 02:33 #262972 by spumco
Thank you - just the sort of 'pro' stuff we need.

Adding a parts counter display with total/desired/completed would be sweet.

Same for a 'pause every xxx number of parts' feature for forced QC check.

I think Feral Engineer had a vid on YT touching on parts counters - can't remember if he explained the whole setup though.

Lathe + bar puller + parts catcher + parts counter = $ka-ching$

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27 Jan 2023 02:49 #262973 by tommylight

Lathe + bar puller + parts catcher + parts counter = $ka-ching$

Where i live, that is a 4 ton paper weight! :)
I have one.

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