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16 Aug 2023 14:43 #278169 by Mr. Mass
ATC config was created by Mr. Mass
Another challenging work for me, trying to configure ATC.

So, what we have:

8 pockets carousel with geneva mechanism, rotation one way DC motor with relay, index sensor (one pulse revolution, place pocket 8), disk position sensor (one pulse per pocket), tool presence sensor in the pocket 

actuator/slide for carousel in/out, DC motor with cam gear, one way with one relay, 2 sensors in both ends

power drawbar, DC motor with worm reducer and cam gear, rotates in one direction with one relay, 2 sensors clamp/unclamp

spindle driven by AC servo, have encoder w/index, connected 1:1

LinuxCNC 2.8.4, Axis GUI, Mesa 7i92+7i76

Also I need to add external switch for clamp/unclamp tools, need to work only in manual mode and block when spindle is running.

I've search through forum and found some sample ATC configs, so I think I have an understanding in general terms of what the end result should be. But none of them fit my config exactly. Maybe there is one or a similar config that I missed. I have a very basic knowledge of HAL and G-code, and I think I could fix some suitable config. But I'm afraid my knowledge is not enough to write such a config from scratch. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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24 Aug 2023 15:02 #278867 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic ATC config
I think that the setup in sim->axis->vismach->VMC_Toolchange->vmc_index is very close to what you describe.

You would probably need to add in the tool presence detection check. Is that a sensor-per-pocket

Anyway, you can run that config on your machine (it's a graphically simulated config, doesn't operate hardware) and see if it seems to be close.

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