6040Z configuration (on a VM)

15 Sep 2023 10:18 - 15 Sep 2023 10:20 #280825 by Pitr
Good moring, newbie here.I've recently dusted off a cheap chinese 6040Z machine, and now I need to know a few things:

1) I've searched on internet and found a video in which the author says that you cannot install LinuxCNC on a VM (such as VirtualBox) because this messes up real-time requirement with hardware. Is this true?

2) I've read around that LinuxCNC is compatible with a wide variety of hardwares, as long as they have a parallel port. However, my machine only has USB interface port. Can I use LinuxCNC with that machine anyway?

3) If the above conditions are both satisfied, how can I configure the machine on LinuxCNC? The program requires parameters expressed in ns, but I cannot find this parameters on the documentation. Sorry if the question looks dumb, I'm learning.

The specs are the following: 

The machine is the following: 


Thank you!
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15 Sep 2023 12:47 #280842 by tommylight
1. You can install Linux and LinuxCNC on a VM, but you can not run a machine with it, it must have direct hardware control to work.
2. LinuxCNC works with Parallel port, Ethernet port, Mesa boards, Pico boards, some older boards i do not recall the name, EtherCAT, etc.
It can work with USB as forum member DaBIT made it work, he has youtube with the same name so you can see it work, but it is not for any production machine, USB has huge latency issues.
Do not expect support for anything USB control, no one uses LinuxCNC with USB, not even DaBit.
3. Stop chasing ns, download the ISO from the downloads page, write it to USB, boot the PC from that USB and play with LinuxCNC, it can be used LIVE and does not touch the hard drive if you do not explicitly tell it to.
If you already have a PC with parallel port, download the 2.7 Wheezy version, again it boots from USB and use it to test the machine.
Open the control box, see if it has separate drives, those can be easily wired to parallel port, and later if you want you can get a Mesa 7i92T, no need to change wiring at all.

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23 Sep 2023 09:59 #281454 by andypugh
If you can't find the step-time limits in the documentation, then try 5000ns as a starting point.

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