AC servo as spindle drive

18 Jan 2024 09:18 #291007 by stefan63
Hi again    
I have my 1.8KW AC servo motor up and running on LCNC 2.9.2 with Dragon UI.
It runs in both directions and working just fine but I want to do the following and need some helt
to direct me to the correct hal/ini setings to tweak.
1. I plan to use a 2 speed belt drive how do I change gearing.
2. I plan to use an encoder on the spindle shaft to get spindle positioning and homing for tool change.
Is this possible to achive in pnconf (I use #5 Step/dir on my 7i76E configured as spindle in pnconf) or should I
configure the servo as an axis to be able to do this?

Kind regards/Stefan 

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18 Jan 2024 12:33 #291017 by spumco
Replied by spumco on topic AC servo as spindle drive
1. There are a number of ways to do this.  One is 'gearchange.comp'.  Start by reading the description in the LCNC manual and then search the forum for examples of how people worked it out.
2.  You could combine the spindle with an axis, but (as I'm finding out) that is a non-trivial process.  I think 'orient.comp' is an easier solution if you just need to position the spindle for tool changes.  The LCNC manual has a description in "M codes/M19" of how to use it (but not how to set it up).

There are many, many forum threads covering both of these features.  Be prepared to do some reading and hand-editing of your hal/ini files.

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