Changing minimum position resolution? Possible?

13 May 2011 19:25 - 13 May 2011 19:26 #9791 by jlaw
I am using EMC to control steppers. The minimum step size is 1 step (or micro step in my case) This corresponds to 1/40,000 of an inch or 0.000025 inch.

Is it possible to increase this minimum resolution? For example I want to make the minimum command resolution be maybe 0.01 inch. Or on a rotary axis, I want it to be indexed in 10 degree increments.

Of course EMC still must send many step signals and still handle velocity and accel ramps,but I want the intermediate positions to be inaccessable from EMC's point of view.

I read through hundreds of pages of manual and HAL guides, but I never saw anything that would make this simple. My eyes did glaze over after a while though, so I might have missed it

Is it possible?
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