Will this Leadshine setup work?

29 Apr 2018 14:31 - 29 Apr 2018 14:32 #109804 by cupakm
Hi all,

I've expanded my PC with a parallel port as described here https://forum.linuxcnc.org/27-driver-boards/34393-pcie-parallel-cards-what-chipset and am wondering how can I find out whether the following Leadshine setup:
2x ES-M32320 Easy Servo Motor 2Nm - X and Y axes
1x ES-M32309 Easy Servo Motor 0,9Nm - Z axis
3x ES-D508 - easy servo driver 50V 8A - drivers

will work with a CNC IO Board by local (Czech) manufacturer http://cncshop.cz/PDF/CNC_IO_Board.pdf (connection sample on 3rd page)
They offer them together, so most probably it will. I went through all the manuals, but as I've never built similar machine, I'd rather ask first.

Another thing not yet clear to me is what LinuxCNC profile could I choose (or create) for that board.

They also offer a software tuning tool for the drivers as a free download, but its only an ugly windoze-exe, so no way. Isn't there a friendlier solution? I didn't manage to google anything yet.
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29 Apr 2018 20:41 #109827 by tommylight
Yes it will and you have everything needed explained on both pdf's, the Czech one and the leadshine one.
If you do not understand Czech, i can help as i do speak Czech, but for the most part all you need is pictures.

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