Beckhoff Servo and Driver Suitability

06 Jan 2021 04:34 #194188 by callielli

I am hoping to get some guidance around some hardware suitability for a conversion I am now ready to move forward with.

The machine is a Series 1 Vari-Speed 2 HP Bridgeport.

It was in decent shape when I purchased but have since rebuilt the head and a repaired/replaced a number of common problem areas.

Hiwin Ballscrews on X and Y

I can purchase the below Beckhoff Servos and Drivers and wanted to assess suitability for my project.

2 x Beckhoff AX5203 Servo Drive (both have dual axis output)

3 x Beckhoff AM3023 Servo Motor (X,Y,Z)

Assuming my adapters and other hardware is correct - I wanted to see if there was any issues someone with more skills than I could see in using the Ethercat Beckhoff gear.

I don’t particularly want to use the Ali-Baba spec Chinese servo gear but also don’t want to put myself in a position where propriety gear or similar locks me out of using LinuxCNC.

I also have the Beckhoff C5102 Industrial PC which was the PLC on the rig this hardware came off but I believe it runs TwinCat which is no use to me in this scenario if I am correct.

Any beneficial guidance will be appreciated.


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21 Jan 2021 17:14 #196108 by tommylight
Not sure if this helps, but there are some members here that use Beckhoff equipment all the time, especially Grotius, and they should be very good, like very very good.
I have a plan of getting some, but it keeps getting pushed back.
The only issue that might arise is the support for those drives, although there are plenty modules that had no support but some users here made them.
Might want to post the question on the Ethercat topic as it would have gotten an answer much earlier.

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