axis B, Toyoda FHN80T

09 Mar 2021 22:13 #201606 by jlviloria

I am in the process of converting a horizontal machining center. toyoda FHN80T.
It has a B axis, but controlled by an induction motor, controlled by a mitubishi FINE STOP. It has a position sensor 1, and two that count the degrees, each pulse is 5 degrees.

The question is, how can I integrate my table position with the B axis?
I want when I position the table at 180 °, the B axis can change the value to 180 °.

Thank you.


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09 Mar 2021 23:18 #201616 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic axis B, Toyoda FHN80T
We would need more info on the VFD and the sensor to be able to advise further.
LinuxCNC can control up to 9 axis and much more joints, so integrating almost anything is not very hard once you get to know HAL a bit and if by any chance you know a bit of C programming then writing custom components for it is also an easy option.

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10 Mar 2021 13:41 - 10 Mar 2021 13:43 #201646 by jlviloria
Replied by jlviloria on topic axis B, Toyoda FHN80T
thanks for your answer.

Attached link of the fine stop.

unfortunately I have no advanced knowledge of hal, or how to make components with C.
any guide would be of great help.

the sensor is a normal proximity sensor.
the table has one for position number 1.
and two to record the turning position. each time the proximity sensor is actuated the table has rotated 5 degrees.

the sequence is simple:
up the table.
blocker pin out.
operates in high velocity.
located in the commanded position (with proximity sensors). Example 180 °
actuate the low velocity
drives the low velocity deceleration.
blocker pin in
table down.
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10 Mar 2021 23:37 #201757 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic axis B, Toyoda FHN80T
Do you have control of the drive from HAL? What form do the control signals take?

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11 Mar 2021 03:52 - 11 Mar 2021 04:10 #201774 by sivaraj
Replied by sivaraj on topic axis B, Toyoda FHN80T
As per your description the machine has 3 proximity sensor .
Please check electrical schematic or manual what exact function name described for those switches or sensors .
If you provide electrical interface page from wiring diagram it may help to understand how it is interfaced .
Based on your description it is an 5-degree index table not a continuous axis .
You need a feedback someway to count the 72-postion from 360 degrees which is missing.
There should be a position coder either incremental encoder or absolute position coder.
Most likely mounted on the motor or worm shaft of b-axis or on bottom of the table .

1. There will be obviously one sensor for postion-1 or ref postion
2.If it is a index table there should be a sensor for exact position to clamp which may comes on every 5-degree using a mechanical cam or dog
3.Third switch may be for slow speed area to approach exact position

Even it can be like this - if there is no other feedback to count 72position - Those two sensor can be mounted to create 90degree offset pulse signals like in the incremental encoder so that it can count the table position exactly which may be able to manipulate the 360 degrees position .

As for as existing inverter is concerned this may be from 80's technology.
Its function is to run two fixed speeds High/Low and apply braking when stopped.It can be a overrated inverter - check motor ratings - I do not think motor is more than 2kw or 3kw .
If electrical interface diagram available will give clear idea on how exactly inverter is controlled .
For today's standard most general purpose inverter with vector control can do all those function with simple digital inputs .
Hope this helps
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14 Jun 2021 10:30 #212018 by Becksvill
Replied by Becksvill on topic axis B, Toyoda FHN80T
I would just use classic ladder. you can set up counters in there that work without encoders etc. or you can just put a encoder on table

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