It is interresting what Roger is doing here

30 Nov 2021 02:54 - 30 Nov 2021 02:58 #227975 by PhilipME
Good day

Roger Webb (Australian youtube chanel ) is engraving Abraham Lincoln head into a brass piece ( making a coin)

this is exactly what I wanted to do but since I dont have brass I chosed carbon steel. Maybe I should try with brass first because the two metals are entirly different. and the strategy in the video does not apply to carbon steel. But even with brass I find some of the machine settings a little agressive.

My machine is stiffer than the machine he is using (Maybe), so eventualy I should be able to do what he is doing ( using brass work piece)

He is using the following parameters

those parameters from a previous video not from the one included below

The tool : tiny conical tool .005 mm flat with 10 degrees angle
step over : .005 mm (2 thou of an inch)
step down : 0.8 mm (31 thou of an inch) ---> in my opinion this is extremly high
feed rate : is 15 mm /sec (0.6 inch per second) ---> again this extremly fast 
plunge rate : 10 mm/sec ( 0.4 mm per second) ----> wow
rpm : 24000 rpm

So this is not milling, he classifies it under engraving. But just by giving the operation another name, it does not override the basics of metal work. I have difficuly understanding how he is moving the bit at such feed rate and plunge rate and depth.

Any insights will be appreciated



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30 Nov 2021 14:08 #228014 by andypugh
The step-over is extremely small, which might explain why he can cut with so much of the side of the cutter.

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30 Nov 2021 15:56 #228031 by ihavenofish
It's a pretty light and slow cut, so mechanically it isn't anything worth mentioning. Generally no one will cut like this because your finish pass you generally want consistent uniform and minimal deflection, so you get the best surface possible.

that said, datron does have a video doing more or less exactly this with a finish that is well, its a datron...

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