Adding force feedback vertical quill handle to CNC?

15 Dec 2023 16:23 #288231 by hunterlong
I'm pretty new to machining, and lately it seems I have more time to daydream about machining than actually machine. But I just had an interesting idea. I have a Bridgeport BTC1 mill that runs LinuxCNC. It seems that one of the only disadvantages compared to a manual mill (IMHO) is that there is no quill handle for quick and dirty drilling operations. It seems like sometimes, instead of calculating the z-feed for a drilling operation it would be nicer to have a manual quill control, like a drill press. I don't mind just typing in g codes to move to an xy position compared to a handwheel, but for some reason programming a z-axis plunge into material with a drill seems more scary than doing it with a manual quill.

Has anyone tried creating a quill arm that mimics a manual one, but just sends z-axis commands using LinuxCNC? Also, it seems like the force feedback is nice on a manual mill, I wonder how hard it would be to add force feedback to an electronic one? Perhaps using a DC motor, and varying the current to the motor in proportion to the measured current to the z-axis servo?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has tried something similar.


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17 Dec 2023 21:25 - 17 Dec 2023 21:25 #288439 by bkt
actually someone have develop adaptive-feed, that is a recentĀ  standard features in Lcnc .... positive value normal direction of motion, negative value reverse direction of motion .... I've working with these in mdi, and g code too .... but I test on joint only manual ... work in every condition .... so is good starting point for your pourpuse .... symply need to add a force sensor or second encoder .... so with one encoder on motor and one on screw (if you use screw for your vertical axis .... sorry not expert on bridgeport brand) you can check a major or minor backslash during working ....these checking is the same of an human operator use on press drill machinery .... if you connect these feedback to adaptive-feed you can have your result ....
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