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Connecting to the chinese BoB through PCIe adapter and wiring

22 Aug 2022 13:57 #250204 by santy
Hello everyone.
I'm an experienced Mach3 user that is finally deciding to swap every single machine to linuxcnc.
First i'm trying to get used to the software through a cheap chinese board like this one:

I don't have a parallell port on any of my computers, so i also bought a AX99100 PCIe -> paralell port adapter to connect to the chinese BoB, and i *think* i have achieved it, as when i plug out the PCIe cable, linuxcnc gives me a warning of too much lag.

In the start of this configuration, i chose pncconf, but have no idea where to assign the pins. Is there a hal file done for this machine? I haven't found much information on how to wire it considering i must assign every pin in the software (?) even though the board is for sale everywhere. Will others configurations done to work directly with parallell ports work on mine considering i'm using a pcie adapter?

I also ordered a mesa ethernet board which I intend on later connecting with raspberry pi 4 B 8gb, via ethernet, and I intend to do this with every single one of my machines. Has anyone done this before?

thank you

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22 Aug 2022 14:37 #250205 by tommylight
Use StepConf for parallel port configuration.
And yes, plenty use RPI4 with Mesa ethernet boards.

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