Using EMC2 with Motion Controller Card for CNC

23 Jan 2010 04:12 #1597 by Hobbydad
Hello Everyone!

I am new to CNC but not to machining, I picked up a piece of equipment from work and I want to change it over for CNC Machining. It has a motion controller card in the computer and connects to the machine with a large 100pin connector. The unit has everything that can be used for cnc except for cutting, it once did very precise printing on microscope slides. It has the x,y & z movement(real nice), Allen Bradley servo amplifiers, an interface and the motion controller in the computer.

What I need to know is will EMC work with a motion controller card or does it need a parallel port? Also if so what would I need in the computer and then would the Allen Bradley motor amplifiers still work? The Servo Amplifiers are 1398-DDM-005. The Motion Controller card is a ISA slot Optomised Controler LTD brand card that is now owned by Baldor. The Motion Controler card is a NMP002-523.


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