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08 Jan 2013 18:46 #28493 by marsheng
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Hi Chaps

While I'm setting up the CNC I thought that having 2 screens would be a help. One for CNC and the other for the manuals.

I'm running a Intel 4 at 18 Ghz as the chip runs quite cool and 1 Gb ram. The system ran quite well until I added the Radeon card. Now it is incredibly slow. I'm not sure on how drivers work with which versions of software.

Any suggestions on how to get it to run faster?

Thanks Wallace

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08 Jan 2013 20:19 #28495 by BigJohnT
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Just a WAG on my part but did you check the CPU and memory usage to see if they are maxed out? Go to System > Administration > System Monitor to see what is going on with the CPU and memory.


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08 Jan 2013 22:14 - 08 Jan 2013 22:19 #28498 by ArcEye
Replied by ArcEye on topic Radeon x1650Pro

The board itself does not appear too bad, but there is a lot of negative comment on the drivers.
It might be worth installing the vesa driver for each head and see what happens. It has been tried by another user and apparently worked well.

If it is resources heavy, you have a low power CPU (assume it is a 1.8GHz P4 not 18GHz!) and minimal RAM which will not help.

I don't exactly understand the premise for your upgrade.
I would not want 2 monitors, I have enough trouble finding room out of the way of coolant and swarf, but still visible and usable, for one monitor.

Even the crappy gnome-ubuntu-gdm window manager setup that comes as standard with the Live CD gives you 2 workspaces.
You could run Linuxcnc in one and have docs or whatever open in the other.
If you installed a decent window manager like iceWM it is 10x faster and you can have as many workspaces as you want (I have 9 on this machine).

Give the vesa drivers a go, but if all else fails you know it worked well on the old card ;)

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