Testing add on PCI PP, how do I know if it's working properly in test/demo mode?

13 May 2022 14:43 - 13 May 2022 14:46 #242886 by Kilohertz
SUCCESS!  Again. 

I figured out what the problem was...in the file ptest.hal there is reference to the parallel port address which must match what the port is of your PP card, and I forgot to update that address in that file...jeeez. After I did that and ensured I loaded the correct port in halcmd, it worked on several MBs, both Wheezy and Deb10. One thing I noticed is that halcmd in Deb10 gives you an indication that something has happened, i.e. it says Using realtime POSIX or something like that, even though it says it didn't find the port, in Wheezy, there is absolutely no indication that you entered anything at the halcmd line, i.e. you enter the loadrt command and it just goes back to halcmd:  no response, even though it did load properly.

Here is the link to the PP tester and the test file I have been using, remember to change the loadrt address to  match the one in your computer. 

Parallel Port tester

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