G55 in ActiveGCodes

10 Dec 2009 07:47 #1288 by gtom
G55 in ActiveGCodes was created by gtom
Hello, i have a problem with the Active G Codes. Executing a program that changes the active Coord Sys i.e. from G54 to G55 inside the nc-file has some behaivour that i do not understand:

1.) the active coordsys is not displayed in the active G-Codes, When the program reaches the G55 command it is executed (Axis preview moves the "origin") but the line with active gcodes still shows G54, seems that this is not updated.

2.) if the program exceeds the Limits (after the G55) TkEmc just stops execution without any message.

Im working on a new Gui that has a "real" Startfrom, i mean if you start a program from line 20 the machine is set to the state given by the lines 1 to 19.
i.e. if G48, Tool5, M8 F100 S1000 is located at lines 1-19 and you run the program from line 20 the settings will be set to the desired values, in this case the user gets an error if Tool5 is not in the machine, Feed is set to 100 and the Spindlespeed is set to 1000.

regards, Thomas

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