Problems with user defined M1nn codes

13 Dec 2009 23:24 #1310 by garymcrobertpdx
Once again I need help. I am attempting to control a parallel port
output pin via the user defined M1nn codes. I have done as instructed
in the EMC V2.3 user manual chapter 12. M Codes. Despite many
attempts to guess the solution EMC2 fails to execute the M code
and issues the “unknown M code error”.

The PROGRAM_PREFIX portion of the file my-mill.ini points to

I have placed the external program file M100 in this directory.

I have tried copying the example on page 97 of the user manual
And also tried using M101 code example I found in the examples

None of these have worked who knows the correct magic incantation
To make a user defined M code work????


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