Anyone using Cura/ Kisslicer?

03 Feb 2013 10:12 #29513 by tom10122
Anyone get Cura or kisslicer to work with Linux cnc? I want to use it to 3d print instead of slic3r but it gives me errors

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03 Feb 2013 17:01 - 03 Feb 2013 19:05 #29515 by cncbasher
post the error you are getting ,
the output of slicer etc , will be different as it's meant to suit Marlin firmware which is specific to 3d printers .
you would need to modify the code to suit Linuxcnc .

attach your gcode as an attachment helps
i would expect most errors to be in the M Codes and perhaps comments
as linuxcnc does not know about the heaters and extruder M Codes

in particular M92 M140 M109 M190 etc and any extruder commands i.e E3 for example
although these can be incorporated into linuxcnc as required manualy

linuxcnc has been used for 3dprinting but requires configuration and some hand editing

and other wiki and forum posts

knowing what additional Mcodes are required Cura should work or at least a version could be modified for Linuxcnc
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