Probing in a rotated coordinate system

07 Jan 2019 20:08 #123718 by 3D-Master

i wrote myself a touch program where it stores the absolute position, then touches and goes back to the exact absolute position. It works quite good but it doesnt work when i have a rotation in the coordinate system. When i have rotation active and command G53 X 20, it only drives one axis, not both X and Y. Does anybody know, what i have to use instead of G53, so it doesnt ignore the rotation?

My goal is: at the end of each touch program the touch probe should go back to the same absolute machine position it started at, both in normal and rotated coordinate system.

my program:
o<antasten_x-> sub

o100 if [#<_current_tool> LT 100] (wenn Parameter "geladenes Werkzeug" kleiner als 100 "3D-Taster" ist, Programm Stoppen)
M2 (DEBUG, 3D-Taster Einsetzen!)
o100 elseif [#<_current_tool> GT 100] (wenn Parameter "geladenes Werkzeug" größer als 100 "3D-Taster" ist, Programm Stoppen)
M2(DEBUG, 3D-Taster Einsetzen!)
o100 endif

M66 E5 L0 (E5= Maximaler Verfahrweg beim Antasten)
#7 = #5399

M66 E6 L0 (E6= Koordinate für XYZ Eingeben)
#8 = #5399

G21 G43
M5 M9
M19 R180
G4 P1
M66 P11 L3 Q10
G91 G38.2 F#<_ini[FEED]TOUCHPROBE_RAPID> X-#7 M50 P0
G91 G0 X+2
#4410 = [#5410/2]
G10 L20 P#5220 X+[#4410+#8]
G53 G90 G0 X#<x> M50
o<antasten_x-> endsub

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08 Jan 2019 02:42 - 08 Jan 2019 09:52 #123744 by MaHa
Sorry it's always me replying. Just passed by, in this section.
G53 is nothing but a basic system, to help define the workarea of a machine. G53 is suppresing offsets, so if R is contained, R is 0. And the worst, G53 is not modal. So it is not really usable, to do more than retract Z, or goto position.
People like me, sacrifice one offset, discarded for machining, as G53 replacement. Very good for probing, setup, testing. Set it to 0,
G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 Z0 R0 if G54 is the candidate. I use it also for probing. Staying at the startpoint,
G10 L2 P1 R#[5210 + [#5220 * 20]]
G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0 Z0
makes it easier to do the calculations with probing results.

Just talking too much... The correct answer is:

G53 G90 G0 X#<x> Y#<y> M50
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24 Jan 2019 17:11 #124745 by 3D-Master
Sorry for the late reply,

i had time for my project again and it seems like using not only x but also y with G28.1 is the way to go. Sometimes its just so easy but you still dont see the solution^^

thank you

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