Use M100 to send popup messages - my solution

09 Mar 2019 11:14 #128149 by TwoFeetDown
I am 'getting old' and sometimes have trouble remembering to do important things when running my CNC.
Things like turning the VFD on before executing a program. (NOT a good situation!)
I wanted an 'in your face' messaging system that I could not ignore and that is easy to read from a distance. (No wishy-washy little message box for bifocal me! :)
I also wanted to be able to create and edit messages easily without being a Linuxcnc Guru.
The 'Continue' and 'Stop Executing' buttons are overly large. (Sometimes I 'mouse' left handed and I'm not very accurate :)
When a message is displayed:
Clicking 'Continue'or pressing [Enter/Return] will close the message and allow the program to continue.
Clicking 'Stop Executing' or pressing [Esc] will close the message and stop execution of the program.
With very little effort you can make it work for any M code from M100 - M199 by just renaming the files.
Helpful error messages are displayed if appropriate (no message by that number, cannot find the message file, etc). In the event of an error the 'Continue' button does not appear to help you avoid trouble.
Instructions are included as comments in M100

To install:

Unzip the attachment and place both files in your linuxcnc/nc_files/ folder. (M100messages.ini has some messages in it to let you see how this works)

Rename both files if you do not want to use M100 - replace M100 with Mxxx where xxx is 100 through 199.

Set the permissions on Mxxx so it is executable (Allow it to run as a program).

You must restart AXIS after creating these files so it knows they are there.

You can test this from the MDI screen in AXIS. Just type in M100 P2 and message #2 will be displayed.

Or insert the line
M100 P2
in one of your .ngc files and run it.

--Jim Womeldorf
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09 Mar 2019 11:29 #128152 by pl7i92
Thank you very mutch for all the work you did into this

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09 Mar 2019 13:01 #128159 by TwoFeetDown
Thank you, and thanks for your insights.
I'm an unemployed programmer (I retired in 2006 :) and it is fun to find a little project to work on.

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