G2 proper arc programming

22 Nov 2019 04:45 #150881 by Scot
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've had a question. I've set up my Lathe and she's running and programmable. I've got a part programmed close to what it needs to be. But I'm running into a snag about understanding how to program arcs.

When it comes to programming a G2 or G3 on a lathe, does the diameter mode make a difference for how the interpreter understands the start and end points of an arc when programmed?

I keep running into an error when I load the program where it reads that the arc radius is too small. From what I can see, the math says the radius is fine. But the interpreter says it's too small. The only thing I can think that could be the problem is that the machine is in diameter mode in order make programming easy.

If there are any tips on how to approach the G2 and G3 processes, chime right on in.

Thanks in advance,

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25 Nov 2019 00:04 #151164 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic G2 proper arc programming
I think that the diameter/radius setting does matter.

First, be aware that G2 / G3 - clockwise / anticlockwise assumes that you are laid on the floor looking up with a front-tool lathe and looking from the top with a back toolpost lathe.

I tend to switch to radius mode if I program a G2 / G3. But you can just calculate that yourself, just realise that _all_ diameter mode does is halve the commanded movement and display twice the axis position.

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