Control Z-axis movement after receiving io signal?

25 Jan 2022 07:49 #233039 by chen1234
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem.
I use the self.execute("G0 Z %d"%b) instruction in the remap code, it executes once after receiving an io signal, this remap code instruction can be executed normally in a single line at MDI, but I am putting this The remapping code instruction is placed in the .ngc file. It is not single-stepped but executed together until there is no signal. I need self.execute("G0 Z %d"%b) to execute once a signal is received, How should I fix it?
Thank you in advance.
Below is the code:
def m203(self,**words):
    if self.task:
        a = (words['s'])
        b = a
        while 1:
            x = hal.get_value('lcec.0.5.RXPDO-4')  
            print('x_in4 =',x)
            if x == 1:
                y = hal.get_value('lcec.0.5.RXPDO-5')  
                print('y_in5 =',y)
                if y == 1:
                    print("in5 = ",y)
                    self.execute("G0 Z %d"%b)
                    b += a
                elif y == 0:
                    print("in5 = ",y)
            elif x == 0 or hal.get_value('lcec.0.5.TXPDO-2') == 1:

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09 Feb 2022 19:33 - 09 Feb 2022 19:34 #234412 by andypugh
I think that the problem is the "while 1", which will loop all the code indefinitely.

You need to edge-detect the hal pin.
old_pin = 0while 1
if hal_pin == 1 and old_pin == 0:
Do this thing once
old_pin = 1
old pin = 1
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