Arbitrary G54 call throws offset way off?

01 Jan 2023 17:10 #260715 by blazini36
I use FreeCAD Path for CAM. It's full of surprises everytime something gets updated but I have a soft spot for it. Anyway I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why everytime I go to run a program lately I immediately get an error saying that the first Z move will exceed the limits when it clearly will not. I use Gmoccapy, I do block height, auto tool set, prior to running the program everything looks good, then I hit the button.....error. Then I notice my G54 is whacked out, at least in Z.

So there's a new bug in the output that calls G0 before the first M6 which is dangerous but it's easy to spot. This G54 call prior to it struck me as odd but it looks benign since G54 is already active. It took me far too long to realize that it was actually the reason my offsets were getting whacked out and removing it solved the problem......but why. I'm not super great with Gcode but it looks harmless?
(Exported by FreeCAD)
(Post Processor: linuxcnc_post)
(Output Time:2023-01-01 11:23:36.329251)
(begin preamble)
G17 G54 G40 G49 G80 G90
(begin operation: G54)
(machine units: in/min)
G0 Z0.1969
(finish operation: G54)
(begin operation: TC: Drill_CNTR_#2_002)
(machine units: in/min)
(TC: Drill_CNTR_#2_002)
M6 T12
G43 H12
M3 S1900
(finish operation: TC: Drill_CNTR_#2_002)
(begin operation: DrillingCenter001)
(machine units: in/min)

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08 Jan 2023 00:35 #261223 by andypugh
Yes, if you are in G54 then a second G54 should have no effect.

I don't see anything there that I would expect to change any offsets.

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