Digital outputs (M64-M65) affected by lattency over MESA ethernet hardware?

14 Feb 2023 10:23 #264496 by DEVILHUNTER
Thanks PCW, that's the confirmation I was looking for. Seems that I need to find a way to make the digital outputs work on real time. Cleanest way will probably be the custom Mcode as sugested, but need to make sure it's real time. What robertspark suggest is the easiest way probably, with M62/63 so is synchronized. If it doesn't work, probably connecting the ditial output to a digital input in HAL, and using a wait for an imput M66 after the digital output should do the trick.

I'm aware the PC is probably part of the problem, as Lcvette suggests. It's kinda old and does not run very smooth, when using the remote desktop is really slow, hence my question. I'm on a search for a Mini PC to install in my lathe, as I have a way older PC over parallel port working on it, that is painfully slow. I'm not fluent in Linux so I was looking fo something that's proven to work as plug and play as possible. The one I had in mind (the GK41 with dual LAN) is now out of stock in most places or has double it's price. When I get one, if I haven't solved the problem, I may swap the lathe and mill PCs. So any suggestion of a Mini PC prooven to work with dual LAN port is welcome!

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