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09 Apr 2023 19:51 #268705 by ihavenofish
G64 behavior was created by ihavenofish
So, I am testing my machine with dry runs, and am getting a slightly unexpected g64 behavior.

This is a linking move in adesk fusion adaptive clearing. The link is followed by a z up, a traverse in xy, then a z down and another link into motion.
At some point around the link I am getting a thump in the motion. An exact stop somewhere. It is in the XY plane. When I look at the recorded path in linuxcnc i do see a round over form the Z to the traverse across, and then another round over downward. I also was getting a stop in an alternate version of the program that used G3 moves transitioning to G1 moves.

Noe changing of G64 P or Q params seem to have any meaningful effect (they do change some behaviors, but not this stop/thump. If i slow the feed way down, from 7800mm/m to 200mm/m, The stop isn't felt anymore.

Any thoughts on what is happening here? Why is it not smoothing nicely?
N33610 X-81.237 Y2.855 Z-19.22
N33615 X-81.178 Y2.892 Z-19.183
N33620 X-81.127 Y2.923 Z-19.133
N33625 X-81.084 Y2.949 Z-19.072
N33630 X-81.053 Y2.969 Z-19.003
N33635 X-81.033 Y2.981 Z-18.928
N33640 X-81.027 Y2.985 Z-18.85
N33645 Z-18.45
N33650 X-4.63 Y10.197
N33655 Z-18.85
N33660 X-4.627 Y10.204 Z-18.928
N33665 X-4.617 Y10.225 Z-19.003
N33670 X-4.602 Y10.259 Z-19.072
N33675 X-4.581 Y10.304 Z-19.133
N33680 X-4.556 Y10.359 Z-19.183
N33685 X-4.527 Y10.422 Z-19.22
N33690 X-4.496 Y10.49 Z-19.242
N33695 X-4.463 Y10.561 Z-19.25

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10 Apr 2023 00:28 #268732 by ihavenofish
Replied by ihavenofish on topic G64 behavior
Hmm. ok, so I think it is doing its job, but it is sooo fast, that it feels like a bump anyway. Chalk it up to not having S curve. I guess will be fine (it isn't slamming the axis or anything, just a notable "break" in the path.

Anyhoo, almost ready to cut things! :)

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