AXIS preview plot doesn't match lines traced in tk

15 Sep 2021 17:51 #220722 by RékaM
Hi, I took the Gcode I have and put it in AXIS, and while the program ran and traced all the lines just fine, the lines shown in the tk window with my Vismach model don't match what is shown in the AXIS preview plot. Where does this issue probably come from? Is this likely to be an issue with the Vismach model or something in the GCode, or something else?

I have attached a screenshot of the preview plot and the tk window next to each other; I did my best to rotate them so they were oriented the same way, so it is clearer what the problem is. 


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15 Sep 2021 18:14 - 15 Sep 2021 18:16 #220726 by Aciera
The regular preview will not display anything that is more complex than simple xyz right handed cartesian setups. Rotations in a,b,c will only rotate the cone around it's tip.
So your vismach model _should_ actually show you the better plot. As long as you got the geometric representation right, of course.

Are you saying that the vismach plot is not what you expected?
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