Tool Touchoff, Multiple WCS

12 May 2022 14:02 #242797 by kg2v
Hey Gang,
I've been working a while with multiple tool holders for my mill, and they are "somewhat" repeatable (no tool changer, MT spindle), and want to add touchoff
I have read
and watched:

But I'm still a BIT confused due to using multiple WCS
Obviously, I want to be able to touch off my multiple WCS origins (which will be on the fixture, so no change between parts), and then have the mill probe each tool length, adjusting however much (mostly critical for engraving), and then go do it's thing

Any idea how to do this - examples?

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13 May 2022 08:59 #242861 by andypugh
I think it should all "jusr work" once you understand that there are separate offsets for tools and coordinate systems.

Every tool has offsets for XYZABCUVW and also radius and relief angles (for lathes)

Every WCS has offsets for XYZABCUVW and rotation around Z[1]

The G-code position is Machine Absolute Pos + Work Offset + Tool Offset

The Touch-off procedure in the GUI basically uses G10.

There are 4 variants of G10, WCS or Tool × Absolute or Calculated

Generally you use the calculated version. You either put the tool tip at a know location on the part and use "Tool Touch Off" to adjust the tool offsets to make the G-code position equal the number you enter (ie, changing the values in the tool table) or you use "Touch Off" to adjust the WCS offsets such that the tool tip position becomes the values entered.

The absolute version of G10 can be handy when you have accidentally put an XY offset in a milling tool. Those are very rarely necessary.

[1] Which is a slightly unfortunate limitation

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