pyVCP and python/g-code scripts

27 Nov 2014 02:44 #53462 by tnl.lambert
So I've got another funky compound question here:

I have two primary system components: a computer with linuxcnc hooked up to a five-axis machine, and an older ABB IRB6400 robot. I'm currently using the robot as the master, and linuxcnc as the slave, connected over a 5-bit digital i/o cable. RAPID (the ABB robotics language) sends and receives signals from linuxcnc to coordinate motions.

What I want to do is flip that on its head - linuxcnc as master, robot as slave. That requires a significant change to the signalling infrastructure. Assuming that I can solve all of the problems associated with the robot - what is the best way to parametrize the signalling procedure?

Specifically, I need to be able to break out all of the parameters for both the robot and linuxcnc in a text file. My guess is that the best tool for the job is python. So what I need to do is:

1. Write a python script that contains g-code which is modified by reading in parameters from a separate text file.
2. Modify the axis GUI (with pyVCP) to permit button control of various signals to the robot.
3. Talk to the serial port from the python program.

I have seen a fair number of pyVCP examples surrounding the modification of the axis GUI, but I have no idea what tools to use to connect the python script with the GUI and the serial port.

A large part of my challenge will be using python to perform the signalling. Anyone have any insight here?

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27 Nov 2014 09:41 #53472 by cmorley
Sounds like you should be looking at gladeVCP instead of pyVCP.
What version of linuxcnc are you using/

gladeVCP can be combined easily with python program. well easy is a relative term...
for example Gscreen and Gmoccapy are basically gladeVCP programs.

Chris M

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