Pyvcp spindle load

05 Dec 2021 19:32 - 05 Dec 2021 19:33 #228402 by Artur_1617
I want add spindle load to pyvcp panel for watching load when tapping to see how big of tap I can use.
My setup is mesa 5i25 and 7i77
To now i have pyvcp working with spindle speed.
Reading some post of analog in I change sserial_port_0=000xxx to sserial_port_0=100xxx in the hal
My xml file is tested and show correctly but dont now if the connect is make correctly

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In hal I add:
spindle-load <= hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.0.analogin0
setp hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.0.analogin0-scalemax 363
The vfd give 0-10V  this go to work correctly with above 363?

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In the custom_postgui.hal I add:
net spindle-load     =>     pyvcp.s-load

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I add to ferror to pyvcp
What I change was only in xml and postgui_custom.hal  nothing in general hal  this will work correctly? 

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07 Dec 2021 01:02 #228487 by cakeslob
Replied by cakeslob on topic Pyvcp spindle load
Its been a while since I played with this because I get some kind of interference between my spindle speed out analog and my spindle speed analog input which is messing with my spindle out speed so I havent started with spindle load yet. spindle load might be a tough one to start with,  but what I do remember was,
I set my speed, measured the output voltage on the drive, so I knew what to expect as far as reading
I connected it to an analog input (im using a 7i76), and checked the voltage on the pin using the halconfig to make sure I was reciving the proper voltage
Then checked the output of the scaled pin, to see if it matched my scaled values. from what I remember, I had to scale it based off of either 36.3v ("input full scale value is 36.3V" taken from the manual)

Looks like your numbers will be correct based off that thread, so If you connect it, check the values in hal configuration menu on axis, and then proceed with the pyvcp, it should be similar to the spindle speed widget, just replacing pins/scales.
If your max load is 200% at 10v, you might need to adjust your scale
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