Showing which axis is selected

05 Oct 2013 18:54 #39579 by ArcEye

The main problem is that axis selection is a GUI item, not part of the Linuxcnc api.
The 'selected axis' radio buttons in Axis, are just the GUI's way of remembering which axis the user wants the commands applied to.

The underlying commands in linuxcnc, have a parameter per command, which specifies the axis which is to be acted upon.
There is no variable which stores the last axis choice.

Halui has a seperate 'selected axis' variable which it uses for some of its functions, so that the axis does not have to be specified each time.
This is local to halui, so the Axis GUI has no idea which axis has been selected within another program.

When I made various pendants, both mechanical and the Arduino one, I just created a pyVCP panel which displayed the selected axis, based upon the pendant selections.
That way Axis and the pendant displayed the same info and I just ignored the default selection radio buttons.

Unless you want to do a major hack into pyTk and tcl to update the radio buttons with your pendant selections, this is probably the easiest way


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07 Oct 2013 07:16 #39606 by Ivan_The_Red
Thanks for all of the help , I finally implemented a solution where EMC would "feedback" whatever axis was selected to the pendant so I
could use that information as a confirmation of what particular axis was selected.

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