How to setup debounce filter...

21 May 2009 19:48 #323 by bronek
Hi, total newbee here.
Been using emc2 for about month now, and now I'm starting to get a "joint limit switch error" message on my z axis. Went thru everything, the wires,switches, ground etc. Nothing helps, it happens at random
while machining. Tried the Hal scope to set the debounce feature, but I don't have a clue what I'm looking at. Im my opinion the manual is written for who all ready is more advanced in setting up cnc machines and have much more knowledge about this sort of thing than a beginner like me. Is there somewhere a simple instructions to follow, just to be able to try some basic setting and go from there, some starting point? Thanks.

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22 May 2009 13:53 #328 by BigJohnT
I would start with this chapter and get an understanding of HAL commands are used.

To add a debounce component and I assume you have used the Stepconf Wizard to create your configs you will have to edit your custom.hal file and add the debounce component there. There is no "debounce feature" that you can click on. Basically you will have to intercept your pin from the parallel port and feed that to your debounce component then send the out from the debounce to the pin that was originally connected to the parallel port pin.

Hal Scope is for watching signals.

There is an simple example in this chapter on adding HAL components.

IMHO, I would put a new switch on my Z if it was my machine rather than try to correct poor hardware with software fix ups.


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