Simple Remote Pendant with Dual Motor Axis

29 Dec 2021 18:53 - 29 Dec 2021 18:56 #230265 by AgentWD40
Following the tutorial here

My machine is XYYZZ running linuxcnc 2.9. Do I need to modify joypad_xyz.hal to include a connection to joint 3 and joint 4?

Is it as simple a modification as this?

net jog-x-analog <= mux2_x.out => mux2_x.in0 halui.joint.0.analog halui.axis.x.analog
net jog-y-analog <= mux2_y.out => mux2_y.in0 halui.joint.1.analogĀ halui.joint.2.analog halui.axis.y.analog
net jog-z-analog <= mux2_z.out => mux2_z.in0 halui.joint.3.analogĀ halui.joint.4.analog halui.axis.z.analog

Also, I suppose I'd rather the joypad not work at all until after the joints are homed. How would I do that?
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29 Dec 2021 21:14 #230279 by rodw
looks like thats an old example < 2.8
You should be using axes not joints
This will mean you have to home first.
There is an example of a MPG in the docs
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29 Dec 2021 22:52 - 29 Dec 2021 22:54 #230293 by AgentWD40
Are you positive it is still out of date? I see where JTrantow edited this back in February of '21 to bring it up to date. I found this thread that discussed this.

Would it work if I just removed halui.joint.N.analog all together?
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30 Dec 2021 14:51 - 30 Dec 2021 15:16 #230342 by AgentWD40
(For the record I have no experience doing this sort of thing)

I'm tinkering in the qtplasmac simulator. I've loaded HAL Show and am watching halui.axis.N.analog, halui.joint.N.analog, halui.axis.jog-speed, halui.joint.jog-speed. As far as I can tell these are all the relevant pins involved in the simple pendant example.

I can manually set the axis jog speed and then set an axis.N.analog and the simulator successfully jogs without needing to set any joint pins. So I assume I can safely remove any occurrence of halui.joint from the example pendant's config code?

I'm also playing around with the pins from the MPG example you mentioned. This example doesn't use halui... but rather uses axis... I'm also able to manually manipulate these pins to jog the simulated machine. But I think this is only relevant to an encoder style input which I don't think the game controller joy stick is

[edit x2]
One last note for anyone that might come across this in the future. After some more tinkering It looks to me like changing values in the halui.joint pins will only have an effect before the machine is homed and changing the axis pins does nothing. And vice versa is true, axis pins only take effect after the machine is homed.

So with a very small amount of confidence I think I have my answers to my original questions. Add the halui.joint.N for the additional motors as shown in post 1 in order to be able to jog the machine dual motors in sync before it's homed. And you can just remove the halui.joint.N pin references to simply not allow jogging before being homed.
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