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04 May 2022 21:43 #242010 by chak257
So I have a GS20 vfd. It is the replacement for the old GS2 drive that the existing hal component exists for. I am only using it to pull vfd status, load %, current, voltage, and generate some user messages. I am using the 0-10v and fwd/rev start/stop physical pins from my mesa 7176e card.  I plan on adding an encoder for rigid tapping down the road so I want realtime spindle control rather than modbus.  All I want from modbus is some status messages and the ability to send a reset command.   I found the gs2_vfd.c file on the github repo, and I can verify that the modbus hex register locations have changed for the gs20 for some items and I would like to re-write this file for the gs20.

I have no problem editing the .c file, but my question is how do I utilize this file afterwords? Do I need to install the dev version of linuxcnc to have access to source files?   

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04 May 2022 22:03 #242012 by andypugh
halcompile might work, you might as well try it.

halcompile --install ....c

If that says you don't have halcompile, then install linuxcnc-dev (or linuxcnc-uspace-dev ) and try again.

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