Duplomatic bsv n 200 turret

12 May 2018 09:52 #110595 by billykid
thanks anyway, but we did with this: EM-UCNs50.
the lathe is a friend's and bought from duplomatic.

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22 Mar 2020 10:29 #161080 by Gommiswald
Hi Andy

I can't get any further with the tool changer on my EmcoTurn240. The machine is fundamentally completely rebuilt and can be operated with LinuxCNC. I installed an MESA 7i76e as an interface. Just, the Duplomatic BSV 160 brings me to my limits.

With the carousel.comp I get so far that the WZW turns exactly to the correct position if you enter a position in the MDI with M6 Tx. But, unfortunately, that's not enough, because the following steps have to be programmed in the HAL. (I have attached the Config files to the Emcoturn - please do not be confused if the HAL and INI are named Wabeco_D6000E - I have taken over the files from one of my smaller lathes. The flowchart for the tool change for the Duploamtic is also attached as turret.pdf ).

It was about:

1. When starting the machine, the Duplomatic engine brake should be applied. I hung the engine brake on OUT 12. How do you program that in the HAL?

Now according to the attached flow chart on page 2:

2. As soon as you start to change the tool, the motor brake should of course be released again. (OUT 12 low)
3. The WZW now begins to turn. It is enough for me if it turns in one direction. That with the bidirectional is nice to have.
4. If I understand that correctly, if a strobe signal that is close to the desired tool position, the indexing solenoid should be switched (OUT 13 high)
5. As soon as the Indexing Control Switch (IN 27) is high, the engine must be switched off (OUT 15 is for CW -> must then be set to low)
6. Then the motor briefly on CCW (OUT 16) until Locking Control Switch reacts (I changed the sensor and only had one inductive sensor that is NC). So this switch then on low (IN 26). This would lock the tool and the motor brake should then be applied again (i.e. OUT 12 high again)

Programming times and lag times are also defined in the flow chart. And I don't know how important these times are?

Here is the assignment of the WZW inputs and outputs on the MESA 7i76e:

encoder bit 1 IN 28
encoder bit 2 IN 29
encoder bit 3 IN 30
encoder bit 4 IN 31
Parity Check IN 25
strobe IN 24
Index Solenoid Switch IN 27
Lock switch IN 26
Motor brake Out 12
Index Solenoid Out 13
Motor clockwise Out 15
Motor anti-clockwise Out 16

I would be really happy if youcould help me with this! Thank you very much in advance for any idea!

Many greetings from Switzerland

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22 Mar 2020 11:03 - 22 Mar 2020 11:04 #161084 by andypugh
I think that you are trying to do sequencing in HAL, and that is the hard way to do it.

Consider using a G-code subroutine (or Classic Ladder) to do the sequencing.
carousel.comp is only meant to handle the carousel position sensing, movement and homing. The sequence before and after movement of the carousel should be handled in other ways.

Take a look at the G-code subroutine in vmc_toolchange for an example of what a routine might look like.


See how this uses G-code inputs and outputs to command parts of the sequence (and, equally importantly, to check that they have completed successfully).
The fact that G-code inputs have built-in timeout handling and that G-code remaps have built-in abort handing makes this all fairly straightforward.
Last edit: 22 Mar 2020 11:04 by andypugh.

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22 Mar 2020 19:44 #161134 by Gommiswald
Hi Andy

Thank you very much for your very quick contribution. There is still a lot to do. But if I understand it correctly, carousel.comp will be used. Only the other operations obviously have to be programmed differently with this G code subroutine.


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