Hardinge Superslant retrofit project. What sort of pendant?

21 Sep 2017 23:59 #99228 by JR1050
I have built several operator panels using a 7i84. On one machine I used the ssi on the 7i77 on the other I used a 7i44. I have contemplated trying the pokeys again with the new driver/utilities. You could also use a 7i90 with just I/o bit file and you would have 3 headers full of I/o . It's cheap, $59 . Operator panels can be tricky to program. You might also run into an issue with the hardinge bcd torrent encoders, as the one on my hardinge doesn't have a parity bit, and you can get a condition where it will go to the wrong tool.

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04 Oct 2017 01:33 #99885 by Vitran
Thanks for the inputs. I will be thinking about these in the future.

I moved away from a pendant. From more careful reading and investigation I found that the wiring diagram had duplicates. The wiring was for both an earlier and later PLC. This resulted in duplicate inputs that I wired both into the main boards. This used up all my inputs.

At this point I have just enough to get a feed dial, speed dial, coolant, two encoders, and more! Now I just have to make the machine work before I can get the front panel working.

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