SSerial remote stepgens?

07 Mar 2023 14:15 #266024 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic SSerial remote stepgens?

I'm not quite sure how LCNC handles SS slaves in hal. I'm not sure if it's a generic driver that instantiates the pintypes after reading the SS slave's capabillities or if each slave has a specific hal driver.

In most cases it reads the pin names and type from the board, the exception is the 8i20 and 7i65. These have the same data encoded in the driver. 
It might be instructive to look at those data blocks,to understand what the boards send in the discovery phase.

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08 Mar 2023 11:38 #266108 by blazini36
Replied by blazini36 on topic SSerial remote stepgens?
Yeah now that you mention it I had an adventure with Machinekit and I was trying to test The SS connection something I made with the only SS slave I had on hand, an 8i20. After that kept failing I tried a 7i-something and it worked immediately......turned out MK had a broken 8i20 driver. Completely forgot about that

You're giving me a bit too much credit with that link though, i can't make heads or tails of any of that. I'm likely better off begging Mesa to add the stepgen to SS after realizing the 7i73 has some potential for what I'm looking to do. I can putz around with hardware all day and eventually get to where I need to be, firmware/software are pretty much the bane of everything I try to do

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