LinuxCNC: The new name of Enhanced Machine Control

18 Jan 2012 02:21 #16867 by jepler
In the spring of 2011, the LinuxCNC Board of Directors was contacted by a law firm representing EMC Corporation ( about the use of "EMC" and "EMC2" to identify the software offered on EMC Corporation has registered various trademarks relating to EMC and EMC² (EMC with superscripted numeral two).

After a number of conversations with the representative of EMC Corporation, the final result is that, starting with the next major release of the software, will stop identifying the software using "emc" or "EMC", or those terms followed by digits. To the extent that the LinuxCNC Board of Directors controls the names used to identify the software offered on, the board has agreed to this.

As a result, it was necessary to choose a new name for the software. Of the options the board considered, there was consensus that "LinuxCNC" is the best option, as this has been our website's name for years.

In preparation for the new name, we have received a sub-license of the LINUX® trademark from the Linux Foundation (, protecting our use of the LinuxCNC name. (LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.)

The rebranding effort will include the website, the IRC channels, and versions of the software and documentation starting with 2.5.0. Rebranding will begin right away.

If you like, you can help us by updating name references on the wiki (, or by contributing graphics such as a new splash screen image or a new cover for the manual.

There is no need for anything like a legal defense fund or a letter writing campaign to the EMC Corporation. They have absolutely treated us with respect and they are not "bad guys". We urge you to see this as an opportunity for the LinuxCNC project and for all users and contributors. Our new name clearly and concisely explains what the software is. The renaming process will create positive buzz about the project.

Thank you for your continuing support of the LinuxCNC project.

The LinuxCNC Board of Directors:
Jeff Epler
Alex Joni
John Kasunich
Stephen Wille Padnos
Chris Radek

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