LinuxCNC Meet-Up in Wichita (next week)

15 Jun 2013 07:32 #35659 by andypugh
I am not sure I am the one who should be announcing this, but nobody else has.

Next week (17th to 23rd June) there will be a higher than normal concentration of LinuxCNC devs in Wichita, Kansas.

This agglomeration is taking place in the workshops of one of the heaviest industrial users of LinuxCNC, MPM1

This is not an organised convention, there will not be talks, there will not be presentations. I don't expect to see any Powerpoint.
We are expecting to see many of the US devs, plus a few from the EU (mah and myself, possibly others). Pete from Mesa and Jon from Pico too.

This should have been mentioned here earlier, but it is also worth mentioning that it is not a formal event, and is probably of limited interest to those not involved in the nuts-and-bits of the software.

However, any users or enthusiasts in the area or passing are likely to be made welcome. (bearing in mind that it is not my factory to be offering invitations to)

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